A brief history of Advanced Display and Signs

During High School I became noticed as someone with artistic abilities. As this trend increased, others who had a need for those abilities began to call on me for assistance. I had discovered a form of art that I liked even more than Architecture, which was something I anticipated to be my career in life. I purchased my first business license in 1984 under the name of "Ted's Signs". However, I could not earn a living from such a meager beginning so I took up a job as a Body man / Painter. Working nights and weekends I built up my skills, equipment and clientele in the sign business. I worked out of my garage for the next 15 years part time. In 2001 I was laid off from North Coast Freightliner and knew it was due time to trust God and go full time in the Sign business. There were some hard times with little work and bills to pay. I kept looking ahead at the kind of business I wanted and the kind of service I felt people deserved. Each year I added even more skills, equipment and clientele until I could not remain cooped up in my garage. I found a shop in McKinleyville and moved in. Just as I got settled into a routine at my new location and hired my first employee, a competitor John Bradley of J.Bradley Design from Eureka called to stop by and visit. His visit was an offer to buy out his business at a price I couldn't refuse. I moved once again, this time to my present location at 726 2nd Street in Eureka, CA. Today I strive to please my growing customer base with the best customer satisfaction, quick turnaround time, superior workmanship and materials. I offer a wide variety of goods and services some of which are not available in the area otherwise . As I continue in business, I always love to see projects finished and signage in your hands. Give me a call any time at (707)443-2816.